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WildPackets Launches a Revolution in VoIP and Video Performance Assurance

Version 6 of the OmniPeek Distributed Analysis Suite Unveiled at CeBIT

HANNOVER, GERMANY - March 3, 2009 – WildPackets, Inc. (, a leading provider of network monitoring and analysis solutions, today announced version 6 of its OmniPeek Distributed Analysis Suite at CeBIT (Hall 13 / Booth C73). This latest version is the company’s most comprehensive offering with sweeping new functionality to address the explosive growth in voice, video, and data traffic over today’s converged IP networks.

The OmniPeek Distributed Analysis Suite includes the award-winning OmniPeek network analyzer, OmniEngine software and Omnipliance Network Recorders, advanced analysis cards, and a host of extensions that add virtually unlimited functionality across all areas of wireless, gigabit, 10 gigabit, and wide area networks.

"It is essential to adopt performance monitoring and management strategies that are inclusive of all types of traffic present within the service delivery infrastructure," said Jim Frey, research director, Enterprise Management Associates. "This means not just web traffic, but file transfers, routing protocol updates, IP voice traffic, video streaming, database queries and other transactions. The WildPackets solution covers all these traffic types and more, delivering the comprehensive visibility that is essential for achieving best practices."

"This latest version of the OmniPeek Distributed Analysis Suite represents the culmination of almost two years of development and beta testing from some of the largest companies on the planet, including RBS, SAP, Siemens, and Deutsche Telekom," said Tony Barbagallo, VP of Marketing for WildPackets. "We have achieved a major breakthrough in performance management of all the key protocols and topologies of today’s converged networks in a single unified product offering."

With customers around the world, business success for Deutsche Telekom is synonymous with network uptime. "The new VoIP Dashboard in OmniPeek 6 presents all of the information our team needs on a single screen, allowing them to quickly identify and resolve performance issues that affects our customers", said officials of the technical services department of Deutsche Telekom. "After a long period of testing, our technical service department is set to implement OmniPeek Germany-wide in Deutsche Telekom’s Controlled Service Operations."

New VoIP and Video Performance Management Dashboards

The OmniPeek Distributed Analysis Suite introduces intuitive VoIP and Video Dashboards where, at a glance, network engineers can see the voice and/or video quality for each stream being transmitted, and can be notified when performance drops below a certain level. In cases of poor performance or system issues/outages, network and telephony engineers can quickly drill down and analyze the exact cause of the issue, including unexpected interactions between voice/video and data, for rapid resolution. Comprehensive reports can be generated giving key decision-makers and company executives an accurate accounting of Voice and Video traffic for compliance and capacity planning.

With advanced support for all the major VoIP vendors, including Cisco, Avaya, Siemens and SIP based systems, OmniPeek now rivals dedicated VoIP monitoring offerings at a fraction of the price. In addition, it provides drilldown to the actual network traffic, giving network technicians a complete view – data, voice, and video – which is essential for true network performance management.

New Service Assists Organizations in VoIP Deployment

WildPackets’ Unified Communications (UC) Readiness Assessment Service helps organizations understand the current state of their network, and its ability to support a converged IP telephony (IPT) environment. The service is invaluable for evaluating whether existing network infrastructure and applications are ready for a UC roll-out that properly aligns appropriately with business and network requirements.

Performed either on site or remotely, our network professionals utilize state-of-the-art WildPackets technology that delivers valuable insight into the health and readiness of an organization’s network and includes pre-deployment simulation, testing, SLA monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Additional Enhancements Help Identify Gaps in Wireless Coverage

OmniPeek adds unique wireless analysis that dissects each and every roaming occurrence, providing detailed and accurate measurements from many perspectives, including end-user and device manufacturer, as well as summary data for roaming from each AP (access point) or client.

Also available is a new version of WildPackets OmniRFGrabber, with integrated support for 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n. Used in conjunction with the OmniPeek Distributed Analysis Suite, the OmniRFGrabber allows network administrators to monitor and analyze wireless voice, video, and data traffic at remote locations without leaving their desk.

About WildPackets, Inc.

WildPackets develops hardware and software solutions that drive network performance, enabling organizations of all sizes to analyze, troubleshoot, optimize, and secure their wired and wireless networks. WildPackets products are sold in over 60 countries and deployed in all industrial sectors. Customers include Boeing, Chrysler, Fidelity, Motorola, Nationwide, and over 80 percent of the Fortune 1000. WildPackets is a Cisco Technical Development Partner (CTDP).

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