Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.5

Omni Distributed Analysis Platform v7.5 is the first commercially available distributed wireless network analysis solution to address the most current 802.11 standard - 802.11ac - maximizing high-speed WLAN uptime and quickly identifying the root cause of WLAN problems.

802.11ac is some of the very latest technology to be introduced as part of the 802.11 family of specifications. 802.11ac significantly increases WLAN performance, more than 10x over 802.11n, and is the first true gigabit wireless solution. 802.11ac will rapidly become the de facto standard for WLANs, with rapid adoption by both consumers and enterprises.

As with any new networking technology introduction, a means to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot equipment and networks based on this leading technology is imperative. OmniPeek v7.5 does exactly that, being the first and only WLAN analyzer available that can both capture and analyze 802.11ac traffic, thereby enabling effective delivery of products from vendors, and successful deployments by customers. With OmniPeek v7.5 WLAN troubleshooting is done quickly and efficiently with its intuitive UI, maintaining the highest level of quality of experience (QoE) that users expect from the latest WLAN technology.

Key Features of Omni Distributed Analysis Platform v7.5:

Omni Distributed Analysis Platform v7.5 addresses all WLAN troubleshooting needs, from initial chipset design and OEM QA testing, to field service for equipment vendors and end user troubleshooting. The key features of this release include:

  • First to market with full 802.11ac support, both data collection and analysis
  • Standardized support for data capture from locally–attached or remote APs that support the industry standard Remote PCAP, the only practical solution for capturing gigabit speed 802.11ac traffic
  • Enhanced roaming analysis, addressing the needs of an increasingly mobile work force
  • Interactive channels and WLAN views in Compass that quickly identify areas that need more detailed, packet-level, analysis
  • Significantly improved write-to-disk performance (wired or wireless) – up to 7Gbps – making it an ideal 24x7 network recording and analysis solution for 802.11ac
OmniPeek v7.5 includes new views in the Compass dashboard for WLAN infrastructure and channels

Omni Distributed Analysis Platform and Wireless:

Omni Distributed Analysis Platform v7.5 continues WildPackets’ tradition of being the market leader in WLAN analysis. Omni Distributed Analysis Platform is

  • The first to support data capture and analysis of 802.11ac traffic
  • The only to support 802.11n 3-stream (450Mbps) traffic analysis
  • Chosen by the Wi-Fi Alliance as part 802.11n certification testing solution
  • The most comprehensive for voice-over-wireless (VoFi) analysis
  • The only to support remote data capture from commercial enterprise APs
  • The best for distributed networks with remote 24x7 real-time analysis
  • The only to support packet capture from non-technical users
  • The most cost-effective by supporting both wireless and wired network analysis in the same solution
  • The most comprehensive with an industry-leading UI that makes troubleshooting effortless

Omni Distributed Analysis Platform v7.5 will be available June 4, 2013. Can’t wait? Ready for an evaluation copy now? Just click here!

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