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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to 2015! As we begin this New Year, WildPackets looks forward to beginning 2015 off with a bang. Last month, our very own Jay Botelho, director of product management for WildPackets cohosted two webinars with Keatron Evans, principal of Blink Digital Security. The webinars highlighted how network forensics can enable your in-house security team to track down, verify and characterize attacks. Keatron dove into a few real-world security breach scenarios as well as demonstrated best practices for attack analysis using network forensics. We looked at common “browse by” hacks, rootkit based exfiltration and covert channel communications as the attack vectors and how to investigate them. Both webinars were well received and participation numbers were high.

As we look forward to 2015, we understand the importance of getting your IT teams ready for what is in store. The job of network engineer seems to grow more difficult each day, as these teams continue to see an increasing number of complex tasks. Still, solutions do exist that can help lighten the load for these IT professionals. WildPackets is committed to providing solutions that enable network engineers to do their jobs more efficiently with pinpoint accuracy.

To read more about the challenges network engineers might see this year and the solutions that can help them meet those challenges, take a look at our blog, and plan to attend our webinars this month for more tips and tricks to managing your networks

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High-Priority Obstacles Engineers Will Face in 2015

In 2014, IT professionals faced myriad challenges on a number of fronts; unfortunately, these employees are unlikely to get a rest in 2015. The job of network engineer seems to grow more difficult each day, as these employees continue to see an increasing number of complex tasks land on their desks. Still, solutions do exist that can help lighten the load for these IT professionals. With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the high-priority obstacles engineers will face in the New Year:

  • Handling More Traffic on a Similar Budget
  • Ensuring QoS With Increased High-Bandwidth Traffic
  • Dealing With Increasingly Frequent and Complex Security Threats

Below are some popular how-to tips on network monitoring and analysis:

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This month, we have 3 webinars focused on valuable tips and tricks.

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In case you missed our December webinar, "You Suspect a Security Breach. Network Forensic Analysis Gives You the Answers,” check out a quick preview of the OnDemand webcast with special guest, Keatron Evans demonstrating network forensics in action. The full OnDemand webcast can be accessed here and the slides here.

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Live Hands-on Network Workshop Series receive 30 day Software Evaluations of our Award Winning Software
During these sessions we will cover specific, real world scenarios and demonstrate how OmniPeek easily allows you to address the network issues in each scenario. Each 30-minute session will cover the following topics:

  • See what you are missing by using WireShark
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting WLANs

Register now.


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