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Letter from the Editor

March was a busy month for WildPackets!

We attended Interop Las Vegas, where we showcased our new line of appliances for capturing and analyzing network data; we announced a partnership with Ixia, a leading provider of comprehensive network visibility, security and test solutions; and we learned our Omnipliance TL was rated Best Value and Highest Capture-to-Disk Rate in the 2014 Miercom Network Analysis and Recorder Appliance Industry Assessment.

Throughout the month, there was much discussion in the networking industry about NetFlow vs. deep packet inspection (DPI). While many are still trying to determine which solution is best for network monitoring and analysis, we believe both solutions have their place within the enterprise. NetFlow is great for providing application usage information and DPI solves the most granular end-user problems.

To help you better understand how to make the most out of using both solutions, we're addressing the pros and cons of each in this month's edition of the Peeks Newsletter.

Glenn Munlawin
Marketing Programs Manager

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Report: Trends in Network Forensics Survey

Today enterprises are relying on their networks more than ever before; however most IT organizations are losing visibility into the traffic traversing those networks due to faster network speeds. In February 2014, WildPackets surveyed more than 250 network engineers and IT professionals to better understand the presence of network forensics solutions within the enterprise and how organizations are currently using these solutions to gain greater visibility into their networks. Download the report here.

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Upcoming Webinar: Network Visibility: The Key to Rapidly Troubleshooting Network Performance Issues

Today's networks are high-speed, widely distributed and mission-critical, making network and application performance monitoring and troubleshooting essential, and very challenging. Join WildPackets' webinar on April 16 as we discuss how organizations can use one product to perform detailed, yet cost-effective, root cause analysis on all network segments: 10, 40 and even 100GbE. Register for the webinar here

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Blog: Packet vs. Flow-based Network Analysis – the Markets Speak

With the introduction of flow-based metrics nearly a decade ago, the debate began between the use of flow-based metrics and deep packet inspection (DPI) for network monitoring and analysis. Prior to the introduction, DPI was the go-to solution for overall network monitoring and detailed network analysis. However, as NetFlow data became more available, the market saw a shift. Both have their place in today's IT infrastructure, and both serve very valuable, albeit different, functions. Learn more about why here.

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White Paper: Beyond Monitoring – Root-Cause Analysis

With the introduction of NetFlow, and similar flow-based technologies, flow-based data powered solutions have become the most popular methods of network monitoring. While effective, flow-based network monitoring has a significant limitation – it lacks the depth of data to perform true root-cause analysis. In this WildPackets' white paper, we introduce a new concept – Network Monitoring for Analysis – a technique that not only lets you know when there's a problem and why there's a problem, but illustrates a solution. Download the whitepaper.

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In case you missed our March webinar, check out a quick preview the impact of "Just One More Call" on a VOIP and/or VoFi network. The full OnDemand webcast, Wireless Network Analysis 101 – VoFi, can be accessed here and the slides are available on SlideShare here.

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Our Network Monitoring Workshops are free, half-day workshops on best practices for monitoring, analyzing, and troubleshooting highly utilized 10G networks, VoIP, virtual network infrastructures, wireless networks, and much more. Lunch is included. See if we’re coming to your city!


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The Key to Rapidly Troubleshooting Network Performance Issues
April 16 – 8:30 AM PST

Your Insurance Policy for Network Breaches Webinar
May 28 – 8:30 AM PST


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