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As spring turns into summer, we welcome the long days and warmer nights. With the changing of the seasons came a very important day in the Networking and Internet world: World IPv6 Launch Day, which kicked off in early June.

For this year's IPv6 Day, companies like AT&T and Google completely switched to IPv6 in an effort to encourage other Internet service providers, home hardware makers, operating system vendors, and web companies to start preparing their services for IPv6. The day was a success and debunked a lot of the myths associated with this protocol. Check out our slideshow in IT Business Edge to learn more about this subject matter.

With the ushering in of IPv6, this issue of the Peeks will take a deeper dive into this protocol to highlight common transition problems as well as some best practices in combating them.

Thank you for subscribing to the Peeks Newsletter. Hopefully we will all enjoy a warm – but not too hot – summer season as we watch the transition to IPv6 blossom.

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FOCUS ON: Best Practices for Transitioning to IPv6

Switching over to IPv6 has been next year's priority for quite some time, but with World IPv6 Day having come and gone, there is no time like the present to start the transition. IPv6 will provide users with better security and is poised to improve VoIP and unified communications services through its advanced quality of service. While IPv6 will provide tremendous benefits, deploying it properly can be challenging.

To help you prepare for the switch, we've compiled the following list of resources:

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For many years, most IT teams have been postponing the switch to IPv6. However, right now it's the easiest it's ever been to roll out IPv6, and may be the easiest it will ever be. Two trends have recently converged to make this the year to implement IPv6: vendor support has been getting better, and available IPv4 addresses have been getting rarer. Hear what Jim MacLeod, Product Manager, has to say about IPv6 addressing in this video.

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August 1, 2012

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Here are updates to our extensibility software since the last Peeks: Cloud Latency Monitor version 2.0 (4/17/2012).

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