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Demand for enterprise Wi-Fi has increased drastically over the past few years, mostly due to the growth of 802.11 and Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones. As enterprises continue to adopt the new wireless innovations coming to market, management solutions for voice and video over Wi-Fi will continue to expand in importance.

While they will continue to play a more important role in organizations, video and voice over Wi-Fi require a high-performing network to manage the raised volume of traffic. This means that enterprises need a network analysis solution that can provide an accurate picture of its performance. To help you understand these unique management challenges, this month's edition of the Peeks Newsletter focuses on the trends in voice and video over Wi-Fi. .

Glenn Munlawin
Marketing Programs Manager

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Webinar: Wireless Network Analysis 101 - Special Focus on Voice and Video over WIFI Analysis and Troubleshooting

The proliferation of wireless handheld devices, especially tablets and smart phones, puts increased strain on today's wireless networks. As the technology continues to evolve rapidly, network engineers are in a race to keep up—both with system interoperability concerns, and throughput, reliability, and security issues. Now more than ever, you need a solid understanding of requirements and the solutions available for wireless network monitoring and analysis. Special attention is required when managing networks with voice and video over Wi-Fi. This webinar will not only address the tools needed for securing your network and optimizing performance, but will discuss how you can identify and monitor the maximum threshold for voice and video over Wi-Fi capacity. Register for the webinar.

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Blog: What the Rise in VoIP and Video on IP Networks Means for Network Monitoring

Today's businesses are relying more and more on technologies that use IP connectivity. Case in point is the rise in unified communication product adoption, namely VoIP (Voice over IP) and video conferencing systems, in small, medium, and large enterprises. In fact, Cisco predicts that by 2015 62% of all consumer Internet traffic will be voice and video. Read the blog

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Presentation: VoIP and VoFi – Quietly Competing for Your Network Bandwidth

It seems like just a few short years ago when the growth of VoIP on traditional networks was one of the hottest topics. But VoIP is now in use by just about every company with a network, large or small. And with the growth of 802.11 and Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, the use of voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) is in hot pursuit. See the presentation.

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The Network Forensics Buyers Guide

Enterprises are doing more with their networks than ever before, but most IT organizations have decreasing visibility of their network traffic. Network forensics solutions are not only essential for monitoring and troubleshooting 10G+ networks, but prove indispensable for finding proof of security attacks. Read about the features you need and the ramifications you should consider, from data recording to data reporting, in choosing the best network forensics solution. Download the Buyers Guide.

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Check out this video to see an introduction using WildPackets OmniPeek software to do Wireless Network Analysis. Watch to see real-time visibility and network analysis into every part of the network from a single interface, including Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless, VoIP, and video to remote offices.

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Our Network Monitoring Workshops are free, half-day workshops on best practices for monitoring, analyzing, and troubleshooting highly utilized 10G networks, VoIP, virtual network infrastructures, wireless networks, and much more. Lunch is included. See if we’re coming to your city!


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Wireless Network Analysis 101 - Special Focus on Voice and Video over WIFI Analysis and Troubleshooting
March 19 – 8:30 AM PST

Best Practices for Analyzing High-Speed Networks
April 16 – 8:30 AM PST


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