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Not even halfway through this Fall season and we are coming off of a busy time here at WildPackets! We had quite a few great events over the past two months.

In September, we kicked off our new Network Performance Workshops which have been a huge success. Check our events page to see if there's one coming to your neighborhood — you don't want to miss these half-day workshops where you'll receive a 45-day eval of OmniPeek and can also receive up to 4 CPE credit hours towards CISSP! We also participated in a Wireless Field Day event and hosted bloggers at our headquarters. Then, in October, we hit Interop New York where we provided live demos of our latest products.

Our newest Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.0 includes many new features, such as the OmniPeek Remote Assistant and the latest version of OmniPeek.To see these features for yourself, request an eval here. We will be hosting a free live webinar about Omni Distributed Analysis Platform tomorrow, November 8 at 8:30AM PDT. You can also view the press release here.

Hope everyone enjoys these last weeks of Fall as we head into the holiday season.

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Eden Hensley
Director of Marketing Communications

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WEBINAR: Network Performance and Latency with Omni Distributed Analysis Platform

Today's networks – wired and wireless – carry critical information. When that information doesn't get there, or gets there too slowly, it slows down the business. Analysis tools have traditionally relied on round trip times or inline application analytics. Today those techniques are no longer sufficient.

Tomorrow, November 8th at 8:30AM PST, join WildPackets Product Manager, Jim McLeod, as he walks through how the Omni Distributed Analysis Platform uses total network visibility to uncover real-world network performance issues. Jim will be sharing solutions to the following three real-world use cases:

  1. End users are saying the server is slow, but stats show there's not a lot of server load. Now the server team and the network team are pointing fingers. Get the answer with a single click.
  2. VoIP and other time-sensitive traffic are having problems. You have a premium WAN link for a fast and reliable connection and MRTG implies you're not sending that much traffic across, yet your WAN provider says you need a faster link. Measure just how reliable the link is before blindly upgrading.
  3. Your company has been rolling out 802.1X with WPA2-Enterprise, and now people are having problems getting online. Even though the Wi-Fi frames are encrypted, see how you can use OmniPeek to get to the root cause by capturing on both wireless and wired segments.

How better to get to know a product than to see it in action? Click here to register to attend.

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FOCUS ON: Multi-Segment Analysis

While Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud-based computing has simplified access to applications for your end users, it has only complicated your ability to diagnose performance issues. With applications and the data they access no longer centrally located in a single data center, application metrics such as latency (both network and transaction) and number of turns aren't easy to analyze. Multi-segment analysis (MSA) simplifies this process.

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Through MSA you can follow a network flow from point to point, allowing you to see exactly where problems are occurring in the network. MSA automates and simplifies the process of gathering network data from multiple network segments and/or multi-tiered applications. You now have a clear view of application flow, including network and transaction latency and application turns times, just as you were used to when everything was in your data center.

To learn more about this capability:

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PRODUCT NEWS: Remote End-User Experience Analysis

Troubleshooting end-user problems has always been tricky. You're typically nowhere near your end user so you can't just stop by their office and see what's going on, invariably creating a he said, she said argument where neither of you are happy. Remote end-user experience analysis ends these situations.

Remote end-user experience analysis is a crucial feature for enterprises looking to save time and money. Not only is on-site network analysis costly, but it is also time consuming. Instead of getting in a truck or an airplane, or worse, guessing at what's going on, simply send OmniPeek Remote Assistant, a new, small and secure program that can be emailed anywhere in the world. End-users then capture data from their workstations for you and send the snippets back for further analysis — all without you ever leaving your desk.

To learn more about this product:

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Want to know the nitty gritty of deep packet inspection with OmniPeek? Then attend one of our in-depth web-based training classes.

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Network Performance and Latency with Omni Distributed Analysis Platform
November 8, 2012
8:30AM PST

Network Health for the Holidays
November 14, 2012
8:30AM PST

Scalability and OmniPeek 7.0
December 19, 2012
8:30AM PST

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Angelbeat IT Seminar
November 29, 2012
Los Angeles

Angelbeat IT Seminar
December 3, 2012
Houston, TX

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