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October is off to a busy and a very exciting start here at WildPackets. Our latest product, Omnipliance WiFi Analysis & Recorder Appliance, is the industry’s first Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) analysis appliance to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot distributed, multi-gigabit 802.11ac network traffic.

View the video below to see how the new Omnipliance WiFi is the only solution for monitoring and troubleshooting 802.11ac on today's busy enterprise networks:


Also, don't forget to check out our wireless infographic – “Putting the super in information superhighway” – on 802.11ac including a guide for making sure your network monitoring solution can keep up with increased speeds afforded by the latest standard.

Glenn Munlawin
Marketing Programs Manager

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Announcement: Omnipliance WiFi Analysis & Recorder Appliance

On October 7 we announced Omnipliance WiFi, the only WLAN analysis solution to enable monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting of distributed, multi-gigabit 802.11ac traffic. The latest release allows WLAN administrators to identify and solve network access, capacity, security, and performance problems as they occur, without ever leaving their desks.

“With 802.11ac-based clients and BYOD converging in the form of unprecedented demand for high-performance, reliable Wi-Fi service everywhere, no organizational WLAN is today anything but mission-critical,” said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. “Provisioning the assurance functionality necessary to keep both end-users and operations staffs productive is therefore essential, and assurance solutions today require both high capacity and a broad feature set to meet these requirements.”

For more information, visit the Omnipliance WiFi page.

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WildPackets and Partner Netutils at IPExpo

On October 8th and 9th, our European office along with partner Netutils exhibited at IPExpo Europe - Europe's leading cloud and IT infrastructure event.


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Webinar: All Hope Is Not Lost - Network Forensics Exposes Today's Advanced Security Threats - Webinar with Gigamon

Join WildPackets & Gigamon as we explore the current state of network attacks, network vulnerabilities, and the solutions available to combat the most aggressive, and the most subtle, attacks.

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In case you missed our September webinar, "Visibility into 40G/100G Networks for Real-time and Post Capture Analysis and Troubleshooting,”check out a quick preview of the webcast talking about the four choices of network visibility. The full OnDemand webcast can be accessed here and the slides here.


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All Hope Is Not Lost - Network Forensics Exposes Today's Advanced Security Threats - Webinar with Gigamon
October 15 – 10:00 AM PST

Visibility and Analysis into 40G/100G Networks - Webinar on the BrightTalk network
October 22 – 09:00 AM PST

New Omnipliance WiFi: The Only Wi-Fi Analyzer for Gigabit 802.11ac Enterprise WLANs
November 12 – 08:30 AM PST


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