OmniPeek Remote Assistant

Simple Remote Packet Capture and Analysis

OmniPeek Remote Assistant Tutorial

OmniPeek® Remote Assistant, a lightweight utility for capturing packets remotely, eliminates or reduces the need for on-site troubleshooting.

With the proliferation of new applications, especially those that are cloud-based or offered "as a service," IT help desks have their hands full. When a call comes in, typically the end user is blocked from doing their work. Neither party on that call is happy; you both want the problem resolved quickly without having to dispatch a technician to the customer site.

The solution? OmniPeek Remote Assistant, a lightweight packet capture utility enables your non-technical users to capture and collect data for you. No longer do you need to leave your desk to capture data.

By deploying OmniPeek Remote Assistant throughout your support organization and to customers, anybody can capture network data for analysis, no matter how far away they are, relieving IT and help desk organizations of the burden. Now when non-technical end users or customers experience a problem, they can capture and collect data themselves with the OmniPeek Remote Assistant.

OmniPeek Remote Assistant

All your remote user has to do is to double click on the executable, click start, then stop. They are able to attach OmniPeek Remote Assistant files to their support ticket for analysis by your help desk; no more guessing what the customer saw.

When run by the remote user, OmniPeek Remote Assistant aggregates traffic from multiple wireless channels or wired segments into packet files. The user then emails the files created back to you – the network engineer – for troubleshooting. The files are secured with a unique encryption key and can only be opened by you.

With OmniPeek Remote Assistant, IT help desk staff can

  • Discover the root cause of problems quickly
  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)
  • Eliminate the need to send staff out to the customer site to reproduce problems

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 Server

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