Wildpackets Network Health Check Services


The same care that goes into your own personal health and well being should go into your network. Think about it, so much is riding on your network. Much like the human body, the sooner you can proactively address potential issues, the less likely they are to develop into serious and costly problems.

More and more of your business is dependent upon a reliable, secure, and fast network. Your already stretched IT resources are being asked to do more. WildPackets highly skilled network professionals can perform a quick network health check – anytime, on demand – and make sure your critical infrastructure stays on track.

When to Use

  • Decide when and where to invest scarce IT resources.

    "When will I need to increase bandwidth? Should I add redundancy? Who can check this for me?"
  • Verify before and after a hardware or software upgrade.

    "Are we ready for voice/ video? Was the implementation correct? As expected, or do I have other networking issues to consider now?"
  • Focus on a particular application.

    "Can I move this application processing closer to its users? Which users are experiencing slow downs and when? Can I tune this query causing problems?"
  • Uncover undocumented or unexplained phenomenon across the network.

    "Oh, that explains why the network is sometimes unavailable to that remote office. Yeah, it usually does happen around the last Thursday of the month..."
  • Verify a Service Level Agreement with an IT vendor.

    "This guy says his access point is fine, but our experience has not been consistent."


Each health check will produce a standard report:

  1. Overview

    • Problem Statement/ Or Baseline
    • Executive Summary
  2. Environment

    • Network
    • Application(s)
    • Capture Configuration
  3. Usage Characteristics

    • Client Expectations
    • Use Cases (if applicable)
    • Observed Behavior (as applicable)
  4. Findings (varies slightly with problem statement)

    • Utilization (Max/Min/Avg)
    • Protocol Distributions, including Broadcast and Multicast Traffic
    • Latency/ User Experience/ Apdex scores
    • Observed Errors, counts
    • Top Users, Nodes
    • Unexpected/ Curious Traffic
    • Other defined by client?
  5. Conclusion

    • Summary
    • Predictions (if applicable)
    • Recommendations (as applicable)
  6. Appendix (related data)

Contact Information

For more information and pricing, please contact us at wpconsulting@wildpackets.com.

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