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There is no substitute for having the network expert studying your network traffic and talking with your people. In a matter of hours, you will learn things you never knew about your network. WildPackets on site troubleshooters have solved long-standing network challenges for numerous clients in both the private and public sector. They have developed network capacity plans and helped optimized the network infrastructure to better support mission critical applications.

Traffic Analysis

By having a full understanding of how your network is being used, you can protect your intellectual property, minimize your legal exposure, enhance security and improve performance by acting directly on the areas that need attention. Shareholders, customers, directors and regulators are all demanding better enterprise risk management. WildPackets can help you assess the impact of today's current and emerging global regulatory environment on your network infrastructure, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), California and EU privacy, and GLBA. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability HIPAA Act.

Predictive Usage Analysis

WildPackets experts help customers understand the impact of proposed changes to the network such as adding new segments, new users, and new applications. WildPackets engineers can also determine the required capacity and optimal network equipment configurations to lower life cycle costs, address future growth, and improve quality of service. At the conclusion of a project, we provide detailed network analysis and optimization reports with easy to understand explanations and recommendations. This service helps to reduce infrastructure and operational costs, while ensuring that applications, systems, and networks perform reliably and efficiently.

Firewall Audit

At most organizations, the firewall is the first and the only obstacle for an attacker intending to access the organization’s resources. Therefore, it is vital that the firewall is properly configured and does not allow unauthorized network traffic. It is common that the firewall rule set, that regulates what’s authorized or not, becomes a complex matrix. It is not uncommon that something is forgotten, neglected or that the organization has opened up too much to avoid the complexity.

WildPackets offers advanced firewall analysis to help organizations configure their firewalls according to best practices and to provide an independent third party review the configuration and rule set. The main objective of the analysis is to verify that the rule set is as tight as possible and does not include any mistakes or obsolete rules. Other objectives could be to ensure that the configuration matches the firewall policy in reality.

Network Configuration and Validation Services

Inside the firewall, Wildpackets can architect and create policies for best practice network configuration validation and auditing, including network security policies (e.g., IP routing domains, QoS, IPsec tunnels, prefix filters, and ACLs). The entire network model is tested against an established set of rules to identify problems that may result from improper configurations or protocol conflicts. In addition, tactical changes can be validated in an operational network prior to implementation.

Third Party, Objective Referee

In complex environments and large originations when problems occur there is a separation of responsibilities that may hinder the ultimate goal of providing rapid solution to a problem. For example, issues between an access point vendor and a handheld vendor. Or internal issues between application staff, network staff, and data staff. WildPackets has the expertise to identify and resolve problems when multiple vendors or departments are involved.

Wireless Site Survey and Security Analysis

WildPackets will report on wireless networks using wireless 802.11abg Wi Fi. Access points or wireless cards are often installed with insecure configurations. WildPackets on site auditing/ penetration testing service, quickly identifies these easily compromised set ups, ensuring that wireless networks are secure.

  • Identify wireless threats
  • Assess wireless security through actual packet analysis
  • Examining indoor and outdoor wireless network implementations
  • Plotting wireless signal leakage and channel usage
  • Detecting and locating rogue networks
  • Analysis of wireless specifications and security implementations

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