Wildpackets UC Readiness Assessment

Unified Communications Readiness Assessment Service

The Unified Communications (UC) revolution is here and businesses are scrambling to roll out applications. Are you ready – or rather, is YOUR network infrastructure ready? Do you know?

With the convergence of data, voice, video and IPTV, organizations have been assured:

  • Fewer distinct network resources to purchase
  • A more homogeneous environment that is easier to maintain
  • More straightforward network monitoring and management

All of which translates into a more satisfying experience for the end user through improved performance and faster problem resolution. However, these benefits aren’t guaranteed. As with other technologies, deployment of such complex technology has unique challenges – latency, packet loss, bandwidth availability, jitter, security, echo and reliability – that must be considered and analyzed both before deployment and after the launch of the converged network. If your current network isn’t ready, you could be jeopardizing your company’s future.

WildPackets offers a comprehensive Unified Communications Readiness Assessment Service to help organizations understand the current state of their network and its ability to support a converged voice, video, and data environment. The service is invaluable for evaluating whether or not your existing network infrastructure and applications are ready for a UC roll-out that properly aligns with your business and network requirements.

Our network engineers perform this service utilizing state-of-the-art WildPackets technology that delivers valuable insight into the health and readiness of your converged network and includes pre-deployment simulation, testing, SLA monitoring, and troubleshooting. This powerful technology employs distributed software agents, running as background tasks in key locations throughout the network.

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