Custom Engineering Overview

Your business is unique, and so is your network. At WildPackets, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer services to develop applications that extend WildPackets products to suit the specific needs of your business network. The WildPackets Custom Engineering Group (CEG) team develops new applications and tightly integrates WildPackets products into Network Operations Centers.

Business Benefits

Make your network responsible to your business.

  • Expert:  WildPackets engineers provide the industry-leading knowledge and technological expertise to address your unique needs.
  • Fast:  The CEG brings new features to market fast, providing competitive advantage to the customer. The CEG can also accelerate a customer's own development projects.
  • Value:  Increase your return on investment by replacing manual and disparate processes with integrated, automated applications that realize new business efficiencies.


Your business comes first. You define the success measures. Then WildPackets uses rapid prototyping techniques, a commitment to industry standards, and a lightweight methodology of discreet, iterative phases to make sure that projects stay on track and meet your business needs. In each phase, the CEG works closely with the customer to establish clear milestones to measure progress and success. Lessons learned from CEG engagements feed directly into the development of new features, products, and services at WildPackets.

Types of Projects

New Features

CEG added new features to OmniPeek to solve wireless security, access, and location challenges for large federal agencies.

Proprietary Decodes/ Apapters/ Drivers

CEG works together with customers and vendors to provide decodes for new and proprietary network protocols.

Systems Integration

CEG makes the most of the extensive Software Development Kit and application programming interfaces in WildPackets products to automate tasks and optimize performance in your environment.

Business Applications

CEG developed a specific 'latency monitor' as a separate but integrated part of WildPackets products for a large network service provider whose business was dependent on not dropping any packets.

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