Custom Engineering Standards

WildPackets is committed to using industry standards as much as possible. The following is a list of some of the standards used in both the WildPackets core products and 'plug-ins'. Due to the flexible SDK and APIs, most industry standards can be used to integrate or extend WildPackets products.

  • C/C++: Language of choice for development and integration with legacy systems and APIs. The WildPackets plug-in SDK has a C API.
  • COM: API used by Omni Platform SDK for PeekDNX plugins. The Omni Console, EtherPeek,k, AiroPeek, and GigaPeek can also be controlled through a COM API.
  • GCC: compiler used by CEG Linux-based solutions
  • HTML/DHTML: In reporting extension HTML and DHTML are used to create cross platform web reports.
  • Javascript: In reporting extensions to WildPackets products Javascript is used to provide client side scripting capabilities.
  • Microsoft .Net: development environment and compiler for Windows based solutions. Also provides dialog editors for rapid prototyping the user interface.
  • NDIS: The WildPackets capture engine on Windows can use any NDIS compliant driver. This makes NDIS the right choice for developing your driver.
  • SNMP: Protocol of choice for integrating with enterprise systems, supported by the WildPackets SNMP Adapter.
  • SSL: The Secure Socket Library provides authenticated and secure connections between client and server applications. This facility is used in Omni and can be used in custom projects as well
  • TCP/IP: The TCP/IP is used by Omni. The PeekDNX Protocol is a layer built on top of TCP/IP which can be extended through the Omni SDK.
  • Unicode: WildPackets products built for the Windows Operating System are compiled in native Unicode. This makes it possible to provide versions of the product in different languages. CEG products can be built for either Unicode or Non-Unicode.
  • XML: a flexible and extensible format used extensively by WildPackets to save information on disk. It can also be used as a wire line protocol.
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