WildPackets Professional Services


WildPackets Training offers comprehensive network and protocol analysis training, meeting the professional requirements of corporate, educational, government, and private network managers. Our education methodology is centered on practical applications of protocol analysis techniques across a spectrum of network topologies. Instruction is available in a public classroom setting, via the web, or as an on site course that can be tailored to your specific business.


WildPackets offers a full spectrum of professional services, available remote and on site. Our network engineers provide expertise and deliver solutions for customers in many areas, including:

  • Application Performance Analysis
  • Base Lining and Capacity Planning
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Site Survey and Security Analysis

Custom Engineering

Your business is unique, and so is your network. At WildPackets, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer services to develop applications that extend WildPackets products to suit the specific needs of your business network. The WildPackets Custom Engineering Group (CEG) team develops new applications and tightly integrates WildPackets products into Network Operations Centers.

Commitment to The Customer

Services at WildPackets starts with your business. What business does your network support? How fast? How many? How secure? What is the cost of downtime? Is the network ready for voice over IP? Is your staff ready? Our expertise can immediately help you isolate pain points, offer alternatives, and provide a vision for where to invest.

WildPackets understands how central the network is to business today. We also understand that there are seemingly countless technology solutions, with more arriving every day. Regardless of your specific business needs and topology, we are committed to helping you realize the most from your network investment.

Individual to Enterprise

Whether you need help with a solving a specific network problem now or you are designing a multi-national network, WildPackets has a solution for you. From tailored on site training designed to serve your particular topology, to web-based classes delivered to students around the world, WildPackets can meet your need. The experts in Consulting and Custom Engineering, who provide the specific implementation solutions for enterprise customers, pass tricks of the trade to the individual system engineer via the WildPackets MyPeek Product Portal.

Wealth of Knowledge

From wired to wireless, from wide area to gigabit, from core to edge - WildPackets lives, breathes, and sleeps networking. With those types of people all working together comes an incredible body of knowledge. They are constantly studying the market, tinkering with technology, solving problems for your competitors, and pushing the envelope of efficient and secure network management.

These network gurus can't help going beyond the call. They live to satisfy a customer by making his network better. Sending a trace file from your network to a WildPackets remote consultant not only solves an immediate issue, but it may also uncover other characteristics of your network that were harder to see or may become problems in the future that you need to know about.

WildPackets is now Savvius

For the latest information on our products and services please go to our new site at www.savvius.com.

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