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Networking Fundamentals

(FREE with purchase of WP-200)

WP-100 Certificate

WildPackets Certified Network Engineer (WPCNE)


WildPackets 24x7 Real Time Analysis TO 24x7 Real Time Analysis

WP-200 Certificate

WildPackets Certified Network Analyst (WPCNA)


Advanced Network Analysis and Troubleshooting ("Packets Never Lie")


Advanced WLAN Assessment and Analysis ("Packets Never Lie")


VoIP (Voice over IP) and Video Analysis and Troubleshooting

WP-201 Certificate

WildPackets Certified Wired network Expert (WPCNX)

WP-202 Certificate

WildPackets Certified Wireless Network Expert (WPCNX)

WP-203 Certificate

WildPackets Certified VoIP Network Expert (WPCNX)


SDK Extensibility

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