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Network Performance Management

IT departments are working full-time to manage data centers, provision new applications, and respond to help desk requests. More than ever, IT managers and network engineers need solutions that let them monitor and troubleshoot problems wherever they are occurring on the network, quickly and efficiently, so that business and other essential IT operations are not disrupted.

Whether viewing network activity for application usage, protocol distribution, node activity or the packets themselves, or leveraging built-in network analysis, WatchPoint, OmniPeek and distributed Omnipliance network analysis and recorder appliances together enable network engineers to visualize global network performance and analyze root cause failures more quickly and effectively than any other product.

WildPackets® network performance management solutions give network engineers real-time visibility into every part of the network simultaneously from a single interface, including Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit (10G), 802.11a/b/g/n wireless, VoIP, and Video links to remote offices.

WildPackets offers both portable and distributed solutions for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing enterprise networks and applications. OmniPeek network analyzers are used for portable analysis and troubleshooting, and the OmniPeek console connects to Omnipliance network analysis and recorder appliances to monitor and analyze data at remote locations throughout the network. WatchPoint brings the data collection and network analysis capabilities of Omnipliance network analysis and recorder appliances to an entirely new level by offering unprecedented visibility network traffic and application performance trends and behavior across the entire enterprise.

With our solutions, IT administrators can:

  • Rapidly resolve network issues in real-time, before they become major problems
  • Optimize network and application performance
  • Baseline the entire network to understand the impact of deploying new technologies, such as VoIP or video
  • Mitigate security threats
  • Improve overall end-user productivity

CIOs and Business Managers can:

  • Easily communicate service level compliance to the organization
  • Audit and track network activity for HR compliance violations
  • See the financial effect of new application deployments
  • Allocate IT Capital Expenditure budgets more efficiently

Distributed Network Analysis and Troubleshooting

Network Troubleshooting with OmniPeek OmniPeek Network Analyzer gives network engineers real-time visibility into every part of the network simultaneously from a single interface, including Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless, VoIP, Video, and WAN links to remote offices. Using OmniPeek Network Analyzer, network engineers can rapidly troubleshoot faults and fix problems to maximize network uptime and user satisfaction.

Network Analysis & Recorder Appliances

Omnipliance TL network analysis and recorder appliance caputures data for real-time network analysis Omnipliances are the fastest, continuous network traffic capture and analysis solutions in their class. Omnipliance offers high performance network recording, simultaneous real-time network monitoring and analysis, and rapid search and forensic analysis of collected data. With the Omnipliance, network issues of any type can be identified, analyzed, reconstructed, and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Portable Analysis and Troubleshooting

Omnipliance Portable is used to rapidly analyze and troubleshoot networks As a portable analyzer, OmniPeek offers an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface that engineers can use to rapidly analyze and troubleshoot enterprise networks. OmniPeek provides centralized network analysis for all networks under management. With OmniPeek, network administrators can analyze local segments from their desktop or on a portable basis with OmniPeek installed on their laptops or with one of our turnkey Omnipliance Portable units.

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