Wildpackets WatchPoint Network Monitor

Distributed Network Monitoring for Enterprise Networks

WatchPoint applies WildPackets’ best-in-class analytics to even the largest business networks for durations of up to 1 year—without compromising precision through sampling or polling. WatchPoint’s single pane-of-glass view of the network and its historical reporting are unprecedented in detail and scope. They help IT administrators and line-of-business managers make better decisions faster about large, complex networks.

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WildPackets WatchPoint:

  • Aggregates data from up to 20 network segments into a single view of network health, application trends, and business activity
  • Collects and summarizes data from:
    • OmniFlow-supported devices (OmniEngines / Omnipliances)
    • NetFlow-supported devices (Cisco)
    • sFlow-supported devices (Foundry Networks and others)
  • Delivers data analytics with 1-minute granularity – for up to 1 year

A Big Picture that Doesn’t Sacrifice Details

WatchPoint aggregates data from up to 20 network segments in a single appliance

Businesses need to understand network activity in real time for troubleshooting, and over months or even a year for SLA compliance, planning, and network optimization. WatchPoint monitors enterprise networks and stores analytics for up to 1 year of traffic.

When IT organizations need to review network activity from past events—for example, when they want to review in detail how the network performed during a sales promotion, a surge in business activity, or a security attack—WatchPoint provides detailed analytics that have not been rendered through polling or sampling, at 1-minute intervals indefinitely.

Drill Down to In-Depth Network Analysis

WatchPoint links seamlessly with other WildPackets products to take you from overall monitoring and reporting and detailed network analysis in a single click

WatchPoint provides network-wide reporting, while also allowing network engineers to drill down instantly to a packet-level view of any network segment under management. WatchPoint integrates with WildPackets’ award-winning network analyzer OmniPeek to provide a comprehensive solution for network analysis.

Top Talkers and Other Popular Reports

WatchPoint tracks and stores OmniFlow Expert events, providing an in-depth, historical view of network and application errors

WatchPoint automatically reports popular network-management metrics, including:

  • Network Utilization
  • Top Ports
  • Top Nodes
  • Top Collectors
  • Top Flows
  • VoIP Analytics

Real-time and Long-term Monitoring of Critical Business Applications

Real-time and Long-term Monitoring of Critical Business Applications

WatchPoint uses DSCP and other network technologies to enable administrators to label and monitor specific applications.

Need to keep an eye on Oracle Financials or your organization’s e-commerce app? Whatever applications are critical to your organization can be monitored and reported on through WatchPoint.

VoIP CDR Data Included

WatchPoint provides a comprehensive Call Detail Record (CDR) for up to one year

As part of its voice and video over IP analysis, WatchPoint includes Call Detail Record (CDR) data, providing full visibility into calls and video streams as well as comprehensive, real-time statistical and quality-of-service reports for base-lining. Reports can be scheduled and configured using an intuitive user interface and exported to Excel or other reporting tools.

Learn more about WildPackets VoIP analysis here.

Customized Reporting and Role-based User Interfaces

ustomized Reporting and Role-based User Interfaces

WatchPoint provides highly flexible customized reporting and supports both ad hoc and scheduled PDF reports.

WatchPoint allows administrators to customize interfaces for specific users and roles. Want to create one interface for your Oracle expert and another for your email administrator? WatchPoint’s flexible UI enables each IT specialist to see the information that matters most.

Monitoring that Scales to the SLA Intervals IT Organizations Are Measured By

Businesses and IT organizations like to set long-term goals for their IT investments but usually lack network monitoring solutions for analyzing long-term performance. Service-level Agreements (SLAs) typically span one year, but most network reporting at that time period is vague and general at best. To get a sense of how their IT services have performed over the course of an SLA, administrators usually have to cobble multiple short-term reports together.

WatchPoint provides real-time, short-term, and long-term reporting, so IT organizations and business managers can evaluate network performance at whatever time scale makes the most sense for the analysis at hand. Detailed, long-term reporting helps organizations plan and provision new services with greater accuracy and understanding.

Building on the Strength of the WildPackets Product Suite

WildPackets Solution Suite

WatchPoint integrates with other WildPackets products, including:

  • OmniPeek network analyzers
  • OmniEngine software probes
  • Omnipliance network analysis and recorder appliances

WatchPoint also integrates with NetFlow and sFlow collectors, enabling enterprises to collect and centrally monitor network data from multiple monitoring technologies.