WildPackets Information Kits

Download an information kit or essential pack for best practices on various network analysis tasks such as network performance monitoring, NetFlow capture, wireless network troubleshooting, and more. Kits contain white papers, reprints, and OnDemand webcasts. Packs also include our OmniPeek Enterprise Demo along with a couple of samples of extensibility software plug-ins typically available only with current maintenance agreements.

Enhanced Network Visibility for your High Speed Network

WildPackets' packet capture solutions offer enhanced visibility, greater adherence to SLA's, and improves managing the risk of unplanned downtime for your business critical networking infrastructure.

802.11ac Primer

Take the confusion out of 802.11ac. With this kit you'll get an overview of wireless networking, as well as learn the importance of how to troubleshoot this latest wireless technology which can drive gigabit speeds in both the home and office.

Total Network Visibility with Root-Cause Analysis Kit

As a network professional, it is not enough to focus on network security only. You need to maintain a satisfactory level of network and application performance. With today’s interconnected, always online workforce, it is often business-critical issues such as degradation in application performance that drive the need for post-incident analysis.

Distributed Application Performance Fundamentals Kit

Today’s geographically distributed organizations require network analysis solutions that seamlessly extend to remote locations. Download your Distributed Application Performance Fundamentals kit today to discover approaches that let you know when there’s a problem, why there’s a problem, and who’s at fault – the app or the network.

Security Breach Incident Response Kit

Is your network ready for a cyber attack? Did you know advanced persistent threats (APTs) don’t have to breach a perimeter firewall or trigger IDS/IPS warnings? Still sure? Be sure you’re prepared; it's not a question of if, only when you'll be the next "victim." Arm yourself with the knowledge you need, download our Security Breach Incident Response kit.

OmniPeek Demo with Our Most Popular Plug-ins

Test drive OmniPeek with ten of our most popular plug-ins. With these advanced analysis plug-ins, OmniPeek can be easily tailored to your individual network requirements and includes features such as application/network latency, email and instant message analysis, netflow and sflow statistics, and more.

Identifying When One VoIP Call is "One Too Many"

Is your network crippling your VoIP system? Managing VoIP networks carry unique risks. Unlike normal network behavior where increased traffic results in progressively diminishing network performance, VoIP and VoFi networks carry the risk of one call too many disrupting the call quality for everybody. Learn how to optimize your network for VoIP.

Real-time Visibility in 10G Networks Kit

Is your network performance management solution ready for the onslaught of data that is coming? Some organizations extend their 1G solution by adding 10G NICs. As 10G segments are fully utilized, this compromise will fail. WildPackets 10G solutions are built for 10G traffic, delivering real-time performance visibility and continuous capture.

Network Forensics Primer

When investigating a data breaches you need to be able to sift through data quickly, using a variety of parameters such as source/destination IP address, source/destination port, time, date, protocol, and more. In this kit, you will learn elements of network forensics and establish guidelines for ongoing data collection on your network.

Get to the Root of Your Trouble Pack

Are you missing critical issues because your network monitoring solution is skewing your data or delivering sampled statistics? Learn which popular network monitoring solutions work best for your needs and when you need to dive deeper with network monitoring for analysis or root-cause analysis solutions.

Network Monitoring for Analysis Primer

SNMP. Flow-based network statistics. Both deliver incomplete views of what is in your network. You need a network monitoring for analysis solution that shows real-time problems and tells you why there is a problem. Learn how you can have one view to rule them all and to identify blind spots in your current network monitoring. No wizardry required.

OmniPeek Demo with Popular Wireless Plug-ins

Detect rogue access points, mmonitor wireless signals and roaming latency from one screen. OmniPeek network analyzer supports capture and analysis of 802.11n 3-stream wireless and can capture and analyze wireless traffic from the most advanced 802.11n equipment on the market today.

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