Distributed Network Analysis

Organizations of all kinds depend on their networks, and lately those networks have become increasingly busy and complex. Speeds are faster. Data is richer, now that VoIP and video are ubiquitous and video services are common. The growth of mobile computing and the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have multiplied the number and types of devices accessing the network every day. Virtual environments create new challenges for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Devices are more varied, user expectations are higher, and security attacks more sophisticated and destructive than ever before.

Itís critical that organization IT teams have access to comprehensive and insightful analysis solutions for monitoring distributed networks. Network engineers and others need distributed network analysis for:

  • Capacity Planning
    Organizations need to understand current utilization levels so they can provision new services and technology.
  • Monitoring for Operations Management
    To ensure that critical applications are running and meeting the needs of employees, Operations teams need real-time and historical insight into network behavior, both at headquarters and at remote offices.
  • Troubleshooting
    When problems arise, network engineers and help desk staff need powerful tools for discovering and resolving the root cause.

The WildPackets Solution for Distributed Network Analysis

The WildPackets Solution for Distributed Network Analysis
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