Network Forensics Transaction Analysis

Server logs are useful, but for an even more accurate view into online transactions, major online banking and financial organizations trust WildPackets Distributed Network Analysis for network forensics.

Whether you're monitoring your own operations or demonstrating your compliance to the SLAs you've signed with customers, you need digital evidence of business transactions. Network traffic provides the audit trail and Network Forensics using the OmniPeek Network Analyzer provides the evidence.


The merchant services division of a major bank is using a WildPackets Omnipliance network analysis and recorder appliance to capture and store traffic containing credit card authorizations.

When a bank customer, such as an online retailer, contacts the bank with questions about a specific transaction, the bank's data center team can use OmniPeek Enterprise’s network forensics search capabilities to find and analyze the relevant transaction. The bank can then quickly determine whether the authorization or denial was transmitted correctly.

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