Wireless Network Analysis & Troubleshooting

Deliver High Quality of Service on your Wireless Network

An increasingly mobile workforce expects the same QoS experience of the wired environment. However, mobility drives unique requirements for network analysis. Access points are stationary – users are not. They roam from one AP to another, with the expectation that services will continue seamlessly. But what happens when they don’t? You can no longer analyze data from a single AP, or even from a single channel, since your network uses multiple, non-overlapping channels to avoid AP to AP (co-channel) interference.

OmniPeek shows the details of every roam on your WLAN

Multi Channel Analysis

Wireless clients move from AP to AP, and therefore from channel to channel, with no indication to the user. A busy AP can knock the user off so the wireless client associates with another AP on another channel. To view these events, OmniPeek allows you to collect data on each channel in use, simultaneously, so you can compile a 100% accurate view of the entire WLAN and quickly determine the root cause of issues.

OmniPeek can simultaneously analyze each channel in use in your WLAN

Roaming Analysis

Roaming is one of the primary reasons why users experience problems on wireless networks. Excessive roaming times lead to poor quality for Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFI) and can lead to dropped calls or dropped data connections. Analysis of roaming requires real-time aggregation of data from multiple channels and multiple APs with integrated analysis that leads to a simple report – who is roaming, how long is each event taking and what does the average look like for each AP. The end result is simple, yet the process is complex. WildPackets Distributed Network Analysis automates the entire task, providing a simple report with all the data you need.

Enhanced Roaming Analysis

Expert Analysis

OmniPeek continuously performs detailed analysis as each packet is collected so you have all the analysis you need, instantly and at your fingertips. OmniPeek tracks over 60 wireless-specific performance and security issues, and a simple click on each issue shows you exactly where the problem is happening on your network. From connectivity issues to wireless-specific attacks, OmniPeek Experts take the guess work out of WLAN analysis.

Expert Analysis - Tracks Over 60 Wireless Events

Advanced Packet and Decode analysis

OmniPeek can perform detailed analysis to look at the actual packets and decode each and every one. OmniPeek has full support for 802.11 a/b/g/n and ac, as well as just about every other 802.11 standard, which is crucial for the analysis of today’s advanced wireless networks.

Maximum Flexibility

Maximum Flexibility and configuration With native support for inexpensive, commercially available WLAN USB adapters and USB Ethernet hubs, OmniPeek and OmniEngine can capture and aggregate wireless traffic on different channels from different locations around the enterprise, warehouse, or anywhere in the world, allowing for very affordable remote capture and analysis of multiple channels and roaming. This provides you with the maximum flexibility to configure and grow your wireless analysis network the way you want it. This capability, coupled with the automation of captures through scripts, make Omnipeek and OmniEngine an ideal platform for building extensible and scalable solutions to meet the special requirements of your wireless analysis situation today, and tomorrow.